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PortalBoard simplifies education by enclosing all essential functionalities required for digital learning within one insulated ecosystem 

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The natural successor of traditional learning is obviously digital learning. Watch this short video to understand how PortalBoard stayed ahead of the curve and is now presenting you with a Learning Management System that can bring your entire institute to your fingertips.

What is Social Learning?

It is the act of learning through observation, imitation, and modeling of behavior rather than direct enforcement. What makes PortalBoard truly effective is its ability to emulate the Social Learning theory even in the case of virtual education.

Benefits of PortalBoard

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Digital Platform

A digital platform provides unlimited access to E-Learning resources. This preserves time and cost for students as well as teachers. With a common repository within one digital ecosystem, you get the ability to access ALL your educational digital assets anytime, anywhere.

PortalBoard digital platform
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Social learning

As a student studying virtually, you don’t get to interact with your peers and your faculty. This causes significant caveats in the overall effectiveness of the curriculum. Incorporation of our LMS’s Social Learning by continual dispersion of knowledge through seamless interactions comes resolves all of them

Social learning LMS
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Digital education can be lonely because of the absence of extensive collaboration. This was because of the logistical limitation of existing tools. With PortalBoard, users can collaborate, network, and communicate with their peers and their faculty in real-time. We bring the classroom to you.

PortalBoard helps in student collaboration
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We give you the ability to track your progress mathematically and graphically. This ensures that you remain on track to meet your personal milestones. This also helps teachers focus on specific topics, making the overall education experience even more personalized and effective.

PortalBoard LMS helps in increasing student performance

PortalBoard Features

Portal Board provides complete Course Management with all your learning integrated into one place.
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News Feed 

Portal Board is an educational Social Network. As a user, you get to witness and share posts on a common news feed that’s updated in real-time. You can share your achievements, grievances, discrepancies, important information, riveting resources, and much more.

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Who can use PortalBoard?

Portal Board is a flexible solution that can be utilized by any institution that wishes to inculcate digital education catalyzed by our unique blend of Social Learning.

Educational institutes

Colleges, universities, and distance learning programs

Coaching institutes

Coaching academies and tuition classes

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Gaurav Saini


Glad to be one of the first users of PortalBoard. It is a perfect product to tackle all of the current educational scenarios.

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