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Re-imagine Virtual Learning with India’s first LMS that works on the principles of Social Learning

Learning management system
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PortalBoard LMS mobile home page user interface
PortalBoard LMS mobile home page user interface
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Teach better with PortalBoard

With PortalBoard's scientifically engineered interface, learners show better retention than traditional learning. Here's why

Course Management

A true hands-off learning experience with continuous study resource accessibility.


Every student can store, access, and edit unlimited study material on the cloud. 

Dynamic Newsfeed

Our empirical emulator of Social Media ensures inclusivity for learners. 

Virtual Classroom

Conduct sessions on our in-built interactive virtual classrooms. 

In-App Messaging

Have a personal dialogue with students and faculty seamlessly.

Exam Engine

Conduct Exams with automated proctoring and instant result declaration. 

PortalBoard provides High Impact Learning

PortalBoard's integration of Social Learning creates an inclusive space for students to learn digitally

Personalized User-Profile

Students can visualize their academic progress with graphical dashboards and a personal event tracker

Group management 

Students can create, manage, and curate communities and student chapters as chatrooms

Gradient background LMS
Gradient background LMS




Grades &

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Gradient background LMS

One Ecosystem for all Educational Needs

PortalBoard's 360 Degree coverage ensures that the student doesn't have to switch to any another application

Optimized Distribution

Admins can import-export data into excel sheets for its easy maintainability. Students can upload assignments in different file formats

SCORM & xAPI Integration

SCORM & xAPI are a standard that allows the tracking, storing, and sharing of the learning experience of the user across platforms and in multiple contexts.

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Who can use PortalBoard?

Educational Institutes and Coaching Institutes can use PortalBoard. PortalBoard is flexible, scalable, and just requires a 3 Step Process for integration


Educational institutes


Coaching institutes


Individual instructors & learners

Hear from our Early Adopters

"Conducting online classes within the app has never been so easy."

Vilas Chavan, Centurion University


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