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Vision statement

Digitizing Learning to bring out the best of Education in India.

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Mission statement

To bring reforms to the Indian educational system by the evolution of learning through comprehensive changes, creating an enlightened generation of students.

Founder's story

How it all started?

Portal Board finds its origin story in the UK, from where our founder pursued their higher education in the field of Computer Science.
Amazed by the advanced methods of teaching and learning in the country, they explored the different ways in which technology had been incorporated to improve the quality of education.
One of the revolutionary methods involved LMS, which is a Learning Management System.
An LMS is a software that provides comprehensive coverage in the aspects of learning, spanning virtual classes, e-learning methodologies, and management systems along with Social Learning.
They realized how this system would be incredibly beneficial in a country like India, which still stands by a more traditional approach when it comes to education.
After returning to India post-graduation, they commenced their work on PortalBoard, which aims to bring about a remarkable change in the Indian education sector.

Brand story

PortalBoard started its journey in 2019, where our goal was to create a learning platform that is unique and caters to all the needs of our users.


Initially, we worked on it part-time and officially started working on it in 2020. In India, the classical chalk and talk method is the primary approach that is adopted when it comes to academic learning.


And when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the roots of the system were shaken, and a rising need for an alternate form of an education system that could survive the constraints was created.


The existing LMS usually caters to the corporates and generally, an in-house LMS design is very basic and points to a specific scenario only, hence rendering as non-functional in most other cases. So a dynamic platform that induces a gradual shift to the tech domain is a necessity. 


PortalBoard aims to bridge the gap by starting with an interface that is very familiar to the users, that is, mobile phones. Mobile phones, with their wide array of media options, are the strongest entertainment tools at the moment.


This brings Social Learning to the picture. Portal Board is India’s first Social Learning Management System. Social learning theory considers how environmental and cognitive factors interact to influence human learning. Features like news feed, messaging, group management, and user profile will actively engage the students on the application due to its shared similarities with Social Media Platforms.


The main purpose of PortalBoard is to deliver the learning content to students effectively with proper management.

The application release is scheduled for
August 2021

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