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Newsfeed: PortalBoard’s Dynamic Newsfeed emulates the environment of Social Media Platforms with the functionality to post updates, achievements, and opinions. This makes digital learning interactive and engaging.  
User profile: Every user will have access to their own profile where they can find their personal information, graphical representation of their academic progress, calendar, grades, badges, and certificates
Events & calendar: PortalBoard’s personalized calendar and events page act like your academic timetable with details like holidays, seminars, upcoming events, class schedule, and all important dates. 
Group management: ​For more effective management, PortalBoard allows you to form and join groups and assign roles to the group members. 
Online classes: Instead of juggling between video-calling applications, users can simply schedule and conduct classes using PortalBoard.
PortalBoard mobile user profile page
PortalBoard mobile timetable page
PortalBoard mobile comments page
PortalBoard mobile home page
PortalBoard mobile editi profile page
PortalBoard mobile events page
PortalBoard mobile groups page
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PortalBoard mobile messages page
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Messaging: Bridge communication gap between your peers and teachers with PortalBoard inbuilt messaging. You can message anyone in your campus to socialise, share study material or clarify academic doubts. This feature also helps students to socialize more on big populated campuses. 
Notification: Push notifications to remind teachers and students of upcoming classes, new assignments, announcements, messages, and more. 
Discussion forum: Clearing common doubts and discussing particular topics is tedious virtually. PortalBoard provides an inbuilt Online Discussion Forum where the students can ask questions, discuss and debate on their subjects, which gives more of an authentic classroom feeling. 


Course management: Find All your learning content in one place that you can access anytime, anywhere with no hassle of keeping books maintained. Students get topic/class-wise study content managed along with module-info, contact person details, and reading material. 
Exam engine: Institutions often struggle with the logistics of conducting online examinations and end up using multiple different tools, thus complicating the exam-taking process for the users. Hence, we give you an inbuilt Exam Engine that can schedule Online Examinations and create tests easily, involving question types like MCQs, one-line answers, and more. These are graded instantly on submission and the scores can be exported to Excel Sheets for further convenience too. 
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PortalBoard mobile discussion forum page
PortalBoard mobile course page


Assignment upload: Announcing assignments in classroom timings, or after class through some other student creates confusion and there is a chance of a student’s work being misplaced due to multiple platforms or failure of email receipt by the teacher. To solve this problem, PortalBoard has a functionality where the academic staff can post Assignments, set and modify their due dates and students can upload the assigned work in the same place, thus avoiding any discrepancies.
Import/export files: Admin can import-export data into excel sheets for its easy maintainability. Also, students can easily import/export different format files. 
Announcements: Students can be notified of new deadlines, projects, or important announcements in general with ease. We provide the Announcements feature which helps keep everyone on track with respect to the Institution’s important activities, streamlining the timeline for everybody.
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SCORM & xAPI Integration: In simple terms, SCORM & xAPI are a standard that allows the tracking, storing, and sharing of the learning experience of the user across platforms and in multiple contexts.

Accessibility: The ability to locate and access instructional components from one remote location and deliver them to many other locations.

Adaptability: The ability to tailor instruction to individual and organizational needs.

Affordability: The ability to increase efficiency and productivity by reducing the time and costs involved in delivering instruction.

Durability: The ability to withstand technology evolution and changes without costly redesign, reconfiguration, or recoding.

Interoperability: The ability to take instructional components developed in one location with one set of tools or platforms and use them in another location with a different set of tools or platforms.

Reusability: The flexibility to incorporate instructional components in multiple applications and contexts.

Cloud storage: PortalBoard serves to make everything associated with learning easier. Therefore, you can store and access important documents and files from anywhere and anytime using the cloud storage feature. Anybody, within the institution, can download and edit notes and assignments that are uploaded to the cloud.
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