Maximize learner outputs without back-breaking technical work.
PortalBoard is built keeping simplicity in mind. Check out some
features that highlight our potential

Futuristic learning fusion

PortalBoard provides an inclusive environment
prioritizing healthy cognitive development. Social
learning theory integrated into a virtual learning
the ecosystem allows learners to grow as proactive
social beings. 

Gradient background LMS
Gradient background LMS

Personal Progress

Keep track of academic
progress, achievements,
and acquired badges and

Dynamic Newsfeed

A timeline with engaging
posts by peers emulating a
Social Media feed

In-App Messaging

Connect with faculties and
peers and have a personal

Immersive in classroom experience

PortalBoard transforms dull lessons into lively,
interactive sessions. An all-encompassing
the approach makes imparting and grasping
information effortlessly for all

Gradient background LMS
Gradient background LMS

Virtual Classrooms 

Schedule and conduct live
lectures on our inbuilt

Discussion Forums 

Ask questions, discuss
tough topics and get
doubts cleared, all in one

Course Management

Access, modify, and
manage all study content
at your convenience

Administrative tasks simplified

PortalBoard allows smooth functioning of admin
duties minus the fuss over complex tools. Dealing
with logistics of virtual education has never been

Gradient background LMS
Gradient background LMS

Built-in Exam Engine

Uncomplicated exam
conduction with easy test
creation and instant

Quick Announcements 

Notify students about
upcoming events, tests,
and deadlines instantly

Ubiquitous data access

Upload, edit, and access
study content on the cloud
without a hitch

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