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5 Reasons Why The Current Indian Education System Needs to Invest in E-Learning

It is no secret that the Indian system of education tends to lean on the classic chalk and talk method of teaching and learning. Digital education is thus, considered as an unfamiliar domain till now because it is a concept that was introduced relatively late to the education fraternities. The prospect of quality learning in the absence of a four walled classroom is still a bit tedious for our institutes to comprehend. But they also failed to examine the caveats of the existing architecture that virtual learning attempts to resolve.

The Covid-19 pandemic uprooted the Indian education system, affecting a total of 320 million learners, spanning a network of 1.5 million schools. The lack of a versatile system has led to the students and teachers running an exhausting, digital multitasking marathon to achieve daily learning goals. We as a country are not ready for E-Learning. Why is it so? And what can we do to create an amazing classroom experience right from home? We surely cannot replicate the classroom but to move ahead and start somewhere, we bring you some solutions!

  1. Individual identity

A classroom consists of multiple individuals present physically in one room but the same environment cannot be achieved digitally. Since there isn't a visual representation of each member on a digital platform, communication issues and gaps arise. This makes it difficult for a teacher to keep tabs on each student, while also endorsing poor social skills amongst the students.

  1. Lack of one digital ecosystem

Children and faculties have been using various platforms for the same purpose, whatsapp for sharing documents and information, zoom and google classroom for meetings and classes, scattered study materials in pdfs, scanners to group together written material etc. Juggling between these many platforms is bound to hinder the digital learning process.

  1. Digital personal liberties

Using personal means of communication for work takes away personal space from an individual. It becomes difficult to differentiate personal contacts from work since both are present in the same circle. This creates opportunities for non-work related communication during working hours and causes an inability to focus.

  1. Time consumption

Some of us don't have the technical skills or speed to manage hopping from one app to the other or switching between three applications at the same time. Especially for parents with toddlers and teachers who fall under old age groups, it is truly stressful and time consuming to do so.

  1. Memory isn't a superpower we need reminders

Most children and even teachers complain about forgetting most tasks due to lack of reminders. This is completely natural because exposure to multiple factors at once and having to remember them is just not possible sometimes. Most people are unable to recall a random set of words shown to them for a minute, so remembering a long list of assigned jobs is way too much to ask from a person, on a regular basis.

A cure?

Yes! These problems can be tackled with a Learning Management system since it binds everything together into a comprehensive solution, creating a hassle free experience for users of any age group. Most countries have an amazing learning experience from the comfort of their homes all because they are provided with great learning management systems.

With PortalBoard, we as a country can be free from the clutches of poor E-learning methods. It is the perfect solution and is also the need of the hour. Imagine not having to go through any of the problems mentioned above, that is, being reminded of tasks assigned, effortlessly tracking progress, scheduling classes, meetings and exams, handing over and receiving study material easily: All of this provided within the same platform with the bonus of it being incredibly easy to use. How convenient, right? The pandemic is here to stay, so we better buckle up and adopt a learning management system that makes learning feel like a smooth road, instead of a bumpy one!

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